duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011

Soul Mam!

(Canada) SC Newswire: Denyse O’Leary, a journalist, devoted grandmother, Roman Catholic Christian, knitting enthusiast, blogger, chocolate-chip cookie baker and co-author of The Spiritual Brain believes that the “twilight of atheism” is inevitable and all materialistic understandings of the megaverse will soon be replaced by the emergence of the immaterial soul as it leaves Alister McGrath’s body and leaps into a white nightgown.

“Ever see that movie The Illusionist?” said O’Leary. “Well I have, and modern scientists will shudder when they see what magic potions we have at our disposal.” O’Leary went on to claim that God will soon show how evolution is compatible with Christianity through slide-shows, university lectures and power-point presentations. “Eugenie Scott… eat your heart out!” screamed O’Leary, over a roll of yarn while watching a taped version of Touched By An Angel.

O’ Leary, who simultaneously runs several blog spots—each as worthlessly discombobulated as the next—is excited about her latest postings on Mindful Hack, Post-Darwinist, ID Report, Overwhelming Evidence and Signs of the Times. In fact, O’Leary plans to debate the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins with the help of her pals William Dembski and Michael Egnor. “Bill is gonna join me in the debate after he gets off the set of the Deathly Hallows. Did you know that all of J.K. Rowling’s stories were inspired by Dembski?”

O’Leary soon began shifting in her polyester suit over the excitement of Michael Behe’s appearance on the Colbert Report and was no longer able to continue the interview with SC reporters. Nonetheless, no one was able to document or personally verify the nightgown phenomena.

Editor’s Note: Does O’Leary have a magic bullet that will render Darwinism obsolete? Why do materialistic philosophers have such a hard time believing that a soul is capable of accomplishing minor home repairs, miscellaneous errands, yard work and applying for FHA loans while the body is deceased? Didn’t Egnor already prove this a few weeks ago with prescient lucidity?