duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011

God comes to Bama!

(Alabama) SC Newswire: Get ready to rumble! Two Oxford University professors are going to debate the existence of God in front of a sold-out audience in Birmingham, Alabama (the apex of the bible belt) on October 3rd. Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and professor of mathematics John Lennox are going to approach the “God question” by discussing the merits of atheism versus religious faith.

Lennox, who is also a philosophy of science professor, plans to demonstrate that science and religion are compatible—especially if it is with his religion. “I want to tell Richard that we can 'all get along' and that God has been spotted in a spacecraft by Francis Collins,” said Lennox. “I think we are seeing more and more evidence that God’s hand is behind evolution. God has a big hand (325 kilometers by 468 kilometers) and He pushes things along; I even have some equations from William Dembski to prove it. His hand is almost as big as my head.”

Professor Dawkins is not worried by Lennox’s position and looks forward to the face-off. “What kind of mountebank quackery are we going to have to endure?” said Dawkins. “How many unicorns must we dismiss before the deleterious ramifications of religion can be safely ousted alongside strangely peculiar mythologies, fictional parables and fairy tales concerning supernatural goblins?"

The entire debate will be sponsored by the Fixed Point Foundation who claims that unbelievers are being monitored by the ghost of St. Paul via GPS tracking devices placed on the steeples of churches. The Fixed Point press release includes the following statement: “The decision one makes regarding this question has implications that reverberate throughout eternity to be sure.” More of a threat than an actual disclaimer, the Fixed Point Foundation will offer a discount to ticketholders who can prove they’ve eaten waffles with Al Sharpton. “We’re serious about this,” said Fixed Point’s spokesperson Carl Wilson. “If you’ve found God through breakfast conversation with Al Sharpton, we’ll give you a $5 dollar rebate on the price of your ticket. $5 dollars off and a ‘fixed-spot’ in heaven! Now that’s a bargain.”

Whether you are a philosophical materialist or a Christian nutcase, please do not miss the opportunity to witness the verdict of this monumental discussion.